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Who I am



My name is Cecilia Laura, I am 43 years old and I am the
Franco's mother, a ten-year-old boy, full of joy,
always with his full smile, which is his trademark.

We are from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Throughout these years I always thought that I would have
liked having the chance to meet other dads
of children with SRT, to be able to talk with them, ask them
tips or advice on many things with which
at times I have felt disoriented. Topics
important such as schooling, medication, treatments or
just things of everyday life that become
difficult to handle. He needed to know what worked for him
to another family in this or that situation.

Since he can't find that space, I thought: why not
generate it? This idea came to me quite a long time ago and
finally took shape through this page, destined to
dads let's talk as equals.

I am a lawyer by profession and I am dedicated to mediation. Everyone
the days I work to help people to
resolve their conflicts, they can feel more heard,
better understood, that they can communicate better and that
this results in a better quality of life.

Here, I am a simple mom, but with the same goal,
lend my ear, create a space for communication and
especially exchange, so that together we go
finding tools to face the challenges that
They are presented to us daily in the upbringing of our children.

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